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In The SCOAN Sunday Service of February 7, 2016, after a time of anointed praise and worship, the congregants received food for their souls from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.PTBJ (2) As he dwelt further on certain salient truths about the Christian race, he enlightened the congregation on the attitude required of the true Christian in order to maintain and sustain relationship with their Creator. According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, no Christian should consider themselves out of touch with the harsh reality of trials, attacks and challenges as this forms the basis for their elevation: “As a Christian, take note of this word of exhortation. Anything close to Jesus receives attack. If you are in the place where God wants you to be, the devil will do everything to dislodge you, displace you out of the relationship. It is a sign. When the devil knows…

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Important message from tbj

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM TB JOSHUA: Good morning! We know everyone will be expecting T.B. Joshua to come out as usual for the Candlelight Service this Thursday 31st December 2015. Yes, it is a good idea but the Spirit of God has a better idea to reach people all over the world. There is so much expectation and demand because of T.B. Joshua’s absence from the live services for nearly one year. If we allow all of the people who are planning to come all over the world, there will be no space to contain them. Because of this, T.B. Joshua will use the medium of Emmanuel TV to talk to you one-on-one. God has prepared him mightily to talk to you live through Emmanuel TV, starting from tomorrow, Monday 28th December 2015. This is the way God wants us to celebrate, instead of everyone to converge here on Thursday. T.B. Joshua will give God’s opinion to all nations and continents and the solutions for the upcoming year. He cannot afford not to prepare you for next year by telling you God’s opinion. Remember, the prophetic message from last year is still guiding us. Don’t worry about distance. It is when we are at a distance to the prophet that God’s power manifests even more mightily. This means that this coming Thursday, everyone is to celebrate the Candlelight Service in their own homes. Whichever medium you are using to watch Emmanuel TV – whether through the internet or satellite – go, service it and get ready! He will start this address from Monday 28th December 2015 on Emmanuel TV, which is now available on DSTV Channel 390. The timing for these live broadcasts will be announced so that people from continents with different time zones can tune in. We want to stress that there is no other reason for this than those who are planning to come from around the world. Although there is no space to contain the crowds, the Lord has provided a solution on how to meet the needs of the multitudes. God Almighty has provided the way out through the medium of Emmanuel TV where T.B. Joshua will talk to you one-on-one and your needs will be met! We want to use this opportunity to thank DSTV as a company for giving such coverage and support to Emmanuel TV. The Lord will continue to reward them. This coming Sunday 3rd January 2016, the first Sunday of the year, we believe God will release T.B. Joshua to join us in the service.


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The SCOAN Sunday service of October 25, 2015 witnessed an outpouring of the Spirit of God in many significant ways. From the soul-lifting songs of the choir to the awe-inspiring testimonies of people who have experienced the power of God in the Arena of Liberty, it was obvious that with God, all things are possible. In her message titled YOUR TRUE PICTURE, evangelist Morenike reminded Christians on the need to look beyond present circumstances and focus more on the bigger picture of their future in God’s hand. According to her, every pain or sickness to the true believer could be his or her path to greatness in God’s divine purpose. She cited the story of Joseph and how, in spite of the pains he went through, still fulfilled God’s plan for his life. The following words from her message would guide us in our Christian walk to realise that a…

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At The SCOAN Sunday service of September 20, 2015, true worship was both demonstrated and elucidated.


While the choir got everyone on their feet in excellent praise and worship, Evangelist Yetunde took the congregation on an excursion into those things the true Christian must do to please God, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.
According to her, “It is very important for us as Christians to always appreciate God in everything we do in life whether in good times or in hard times. When we succeed in life, we must give Him all the glory and on the other hand, if we fail, we must submit to His will. The law of life includes joy, peace, comfort and contentment that come from the Lord.
In life, man is given the opportunity to choose among many alternatives that surround him. The choice he makes determines who he is before God…

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SPECIAL MESSAGE 01It is important to remember that we are members of a family – the family of God. Consequently, for an occasion like this, God should be the Invitee.

My people, we are here because of our loved ones, who fell asleep in the bosom of the Lord. Our faithful and true God will bring them with Jesus, a Rock against which you can lean even as the winds of mourning howl around us.

As Christians, there comes a time when we will need to say good-bye and sing a “requiem” for our lost brethren. It is right and noble for Christians to gather, pray and say, “Requiescat In Pace”. That is, for the soul of their loved ones to “rest in peace”.

It is now one year since our beloved brothers and sisters slept in the Lord. For those of us who find it difficult to let go, we must…

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Evangelist Josephine reminded the congregation of the need to hold firmly to their faith in God in spite of the challenges EVANGELIST JOSEPHINE life throws at them. She reckoned that God allows His children to face difficulties to neither break nor disgrace them but to prepare them for the greater glory ahead: “At every moment, in every season, we should adore God and fall down to worship Him. When you are struggling with doubt, take time to remember the way and manner God has worked in your life. If you do, you would see that God has allowed you to pass through difficulties and hard times to maintain your union with Him. That union is so strong. Nothing you could possibly do could stop God from loving you. There is no situation that could sever, cut or break that connection. Always remember – He is supporting your position, backing you up, praying…

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EVANGELIST EDWARDJesus Christ spoke the Word; it healed the sick and broke the power of demons over men. The Apostles spoke the Word, the sick were healed and multitudes were recreated. I believe, when we preach Christ to you today, the sick will be healed, the lame will walk, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the captives will be set free and the broken hearted will be made whole, the power of sin and satan will be broken off you and you will be recreated in Christ Jesus because God’s Word is the same yesterday, today and forever”. With these words, Evangelist Edward animated the atmosphere with kingdom consciousness even as the congregants shouted their hearts out in praise and thanksgiving anchored by the Emmanuel Singers. The Word of God, no doubt, addresses all our situations and remains the standard for every true Christian who desires victory…

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On Sunday 23 August, 2015, the congregation at The SCOAN extolled the name of God as the Emmanuel Singers raised praises to God centred on the Word. No doubt, the grace of God is upon His people and His banner over them is love. Evangelist Rikhard took the church on an excursion into the scriptures with his message titled

THE SECRET OF OUR STRENGTH. He encouraged Christians to hold on to God and their faith even in the face of a world full of troubles and discouraging situations, noting that the secret of our strength as Christians lie in our unshakeable faith in God and His Word. “When the three Hebrew men, in Daniel 3, faced the fiery furnace, they never changed their confession. When Joseph found himself in life-threatening circumstances, he never abandoned his dream. When David slipped into moral failure, he never stayed there. When Job lost…

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EVANGELIST JUSTIN“Many have changed the history of their lives because they fell into the trap of looking back. Many have not discovered the promise of God for their lives because they keep taking journeys into yesterday. Many have stumbled in their walk with the Lord because they built their future around their past and present circumstances”. With these deep and incisive words, Evangelist Justin engaged the congregants’ minds in a message titled, ‘DISCUSS YOUR FUTURE IN CHRIST JESUS’.

 Evangelist Justin observed that the totality of a Christian’s life is made meaningful only when it is viewed from the perspective of Christ who died for our sins. “What is your situation? Do you feel condemned, bound, trapped, chained down because of your past? I want to tell you that there is hope – Jesus Christ is the hope. Jesus does not look at…

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